When might I need composite dental fillings?

When you are considering options for treating cavities, you may be wondering what the most natural-looking solution is. With composite resin fillings, or “tooth-colored fillings,” you can treat your cavity while ensuring an aesthetic finished look. In the past, many dentists in the area of Albuquerque, New Mexico, and beyond used materials such as silver amalgam for fillings, only to find later on that they contribute to mercury toxicity and can leave the inner tooth exposed to infection due to expansion and contraction. Instead, our team at Kelley Family Dental Center encourages you to learn more about composite resin fillings and their benefits.

Why should I choose composite resin white fillings?

There are several advantages to using these tooth-colored fillings to address areas of decay–and improve the appearance of the smile. Below are a few of the benefits that make composite resin fillings a popular choice with many of our patients:

  • They blend in with tooth color and are virtually undetectable.
  • The filling material is durable and long-lasting, offering years of protection before having to be replaced.
  • They do not expand or contract due to temperature changes, meaning the inner tooth structure is kept safe from infection.
  • Filling cavities prevents further decay and protects the health of your smile.
  • Minor adjustments can be made to improve fit, and there is no need to wait for materials to harden–composite resin fillings are complete in one visit!

Whether you are considering composite resin as a treatment for cavities or are considering it for disguising imperfections in the smile, our team can help you determine if this solution is best for your needs.

Are you curious if white fillings are right for you for cavity treatment?

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